Apache River – Norman Equine Designs


In 1989 Sandra Llamas was showing horses. Her mare’s tail was bushy and brittle, and braiding broke off more hair. From this problem came Sandra’s idea for the “Full Tail Sack” and the “Half Tail Sack.” Sandra began Norman Equine Designs with the Beautiful Tails trademark. The tail sacks protects the mare’s tail so it hangs loose enabling it to not be braided and promote growth.


At The World Quarter Horse Show she sold her first tail sack products. Impressed by the invention, the editors of Western Horseman Magazine purchased tail sacks. They used them in Colorado and wrote a raving review of the products in the magazine.


Over the years, more products have been invented by Sandra. There is a full line of products available for the performance horse. By the early 1990’s new performance fabrics for humans caught Sandra’s designing eye. She began using Lycra Spandex for a mane tamer incorporating a headpiece with holes for the eyes and ears and using a zipper. She called it “Slinky Mane Tamer” and the “Slinky” and “Slinky II Elite” followed. Sandra designed the “Snuggy” using Polar Fleece.


In the middle 1990’s Sandra shifted her focus to the Equestrian and his four-legged friend and Apache River was born. To date, the most popular items are the Apache River Overalls, made of a high-tech fleece with a wind block and Apache River Dog Coats made from Polar Fleece 300 lined with Lycra Spandex. The dog coats are offered in 19 sizes.


It’s been 25 years since the start of Norman Equine Designs. Sandra and her staff are striving to offer the same top quality fabrics and designs that have made her company’s excellent reputation. All products are made in Arkansas from fabrics made in the United States. Thank you for visiting our web site. Please let us know how we can help you.